We celebrate our senior pets in May & November!

As your pet ages, recommendations for veterinary care, exercise, and nutrition should be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Monitoring the changes in your pet is important, especially as they get older.  Conditions associated with the kidneys, liver, heart, joints, and the thyroid gland are much more common in senior pets.

Due to these changes, we strongly recommend a yearly physical exam.
Have you noticed any recent changes in your senior pet?

  • Changes in water consumption?
  • Panting?
  • Weight changes?
  • Inappropriate urination and/or bowel movements?
  • Bad breath?
  • Vocalization?
  • Decreased exercise? (Lack of jumping, climbing, playing?)
  • Lack of grooming?

We celebrate Senior Pets in May & November with special discounts including a Complimentary In House Urinalysis. Please contact our veterinary team to learn about all the benefits of Senior Pet Month!