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Dental Care

dentalDental disease has become a major health concern in the care of dogs and cats. Bacteria and food debris can build up on the teeth, causing inflammation of the gums, tartar and potentially infection of the tooth. Infection can spread by the bloodstream and can affect all the major organs (example: kidneys, liver, heart). These affects can be very serious and potentially life threatening.

The Maple Ridge Veterinary Hospital provides routine scaling and polishing, dental radiographs and performs tooth extractions if necessary. It must be performed under a general anesthetic, as it enables us to safely clean & polish every surface of the tooth (above and below the gum line). Depending on your pet’s age and health status we may recommend pre-anesthetic blood work. This may be necessary for the selection of safest anaesthetic protocol for your pet.

We suggest you routinely have your pet’s oral health evaluated to help identify and prevent dental disease. Please consult with our veterinary health care team to obtain advice on dental diets, daily care and other ways to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.