Registered Veterinary Technician

Theresa Graduated in 2009 from what was then called the Douglas College Animal Health Technician Program. Theresa was the first year to graduate from the new program!

What do you love about working at MRVH?
*I have worked at a few different places over the years and have been placed in many clinics during my practicum. This is one of those special places that treats clients, pets, and staff with kindness, respect and care. Everyone works hard and respects and leans on each other for support.

What is one work skill that you are proud of?
*I can be very calm when poop is literally hitting the fan!

What is the most inspiring part of your job?
*When I can get through to those patients that feel scared and can make them feel calm in the clinical setting.

When you were 5, what career did you think you’d end up in?
I had a medical kit as a child. I would vaccinate all of my stuffed animals.

What’s your favourite treat?
*Mini eggs

What advice would you give someone interested in working at MRVH?
*Bring enthusiasm to work with the best veterinary team in Maple Ridge!